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DIY Home Improvement


You may hear the saying your home is your kingdom. Improving your home from time to time is essential both to maintain its shape or even add the value of the home. While big home improvement projects may cost a fortune, there are a few small projects that you can DIY over the weekend, like the ones we listed below.

Building A Mudroom

A mudroom is a special area near the entrance of the home that is used to keep your daily outdoor gears and accessories, like shoes, coats, and umbrellas. Having a mudroom can both help to tidy your home and add value to your home. It will help to ensure that when somebody comes home, they will have a designated spot to store their shoes and coats or jackets. A mudroom can consist of a shoe rack and coat hooks, or come to completed with a special cupboard to store your things and a bench. It all depends on how many family members are staying in the house and how many outdoor accessories you and your family need to access before stepping out of the door.

Enhancing Your Deck

If you are lucky enough to have a home with a deck, don’t just let it be bare and empty. You might not need to equip the deck with a Jacuzzi and all, but you can create a mini garden, a seating area, and install proper lighting. Though installing landscape lighting may seem like a complicated project, it is not. That is because there are so many kinds of ready to plug lighting available in the home improvement shops, you can choose the voltage and size that match your deck. To create a mini garden, prepare a few potted plants. Once your deck has been beautified, it can be so much more beneficial in case you need a place for a special event.

Adding Garage Cabinets

garageSometimes your garage doubles as your storage space. You throw all the things you don’t use daily in there, and once you need the item, you need the whole day to find it. If that’s what often occurs in your home, then adding custom garage cabinets is the answer. If you are blessed with a good carpentry skill, then you can go ahead and build a custom storage system. But if you are a beginner like me, you still can have a custom storage system by installing racks on one side of the garage’s wall. Then you can get large clear storage bins to store your categorized things.…